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Top 50 Offensive Talent Big Board

As previously discussed, my metrics for prospect scoring can be found on our new Headquarters page:  But with the Combine a little over a week away, I'm closing in on finalizing all offensive film study for the 2014 NFL Draft.  I've graded 155 offensive prospects to date, with just a handful of interior offensive linemen to go.  So what I'd like to do this afternoon is post my top 50 offensive talent scores on the offensive side of the football for you all.  It's a partial glimpse into the total evaluation process, but the talent scores are a large majority of a prospect's overall evaluation.  If the scores seem highly saturated, it's because they ARE at this point!  I have 19 offensive prospects with 1st round talent scores.  But ultimately, only 10-12 of them will maintain that 1st round grade.  The rest will slip into early or mid round 2...while the 24 2nd round talent scores will likely suffer the same fate.  Some will maintain their position, a few may surge into late round 1 and others will slip into round 3...some will even slip down into round 4 and beyond.  I'll be sure to provide specific examples as we go.  


1. Texas A&M Left Tackle Jake Matthews: 8.78 talent score, Top 10 

2. Clemson Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins: 8.57 talent score, Top 10

3. Southern California Wide Receiver Marqise Lee: 8.50 talent score, Top 10

4. Louisville Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater: 8.44 talent score, First Round

5. Auburn Left Tackle Greg Robinson: 8.36 talent score, First Round

6. North Carolina Tight End Eric Ebron: 8.30 talent score, First Round

7. Mississippi State Guard Gabe Jackson: 8.26 talent score, First Round
**Gabe Jackson is the first player I'd like to highlight.  He's slotted solidly in the 1st round with his talent score, the cut off being an 8.00 score.  However, factoring in his overall weight (measured 339 at the Senior Bowl), he's knocked down by his size score (a 7.00).  Additionally, his leadership and experience scores are solid, but not 1st round (7.90).  As a result, with just 5% of his evaluation remaining (his athleticism score), Gabe Jackson will need to score a perfect 9.0 athleticism score to maintain his first round grade.  That isn't going to happen.  Jackson is my 7th highest rated prospect on offense based on his TALENT, but the rest of his evaluation is going to bump him from a 1st round overall grade.
8. Louisiana State Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr: 8.24 talent score, First Round

9. Vanderbilt Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews: 8.21 talent score, First Round

10. Notre Dame Guard Zach Martin : 8.21 talent score, First Round

11. Rutgers Wide Receiver Brandon Coleman: 8.17 talent score, First Round

12. San Jose State Quarterback David Fales: 8.16 talent score, First Round
**David Fales is another great example of just how much the rest of the player evaluation causes spread away from the original talent score.  Fales is a solid QB prospect, but he came in small in stature at the Senior Bowl, registering a 6.0 in his size score.  Factoring in good production (7.99) and a run of the mill leadership score (7.32) and Fales has a 95% complete evaluation and is on the outside looking in on a 1st round grade.  Fales will need to score on the plus side of a 7.00 athleticism score to contend for a 1st round overall evaluation score.  Most likely he'll end up in the Early 2nd range.  
13. Tennessee Left Tackle Antonio “Tiny” Richardson: 8.14 talent score, First Round

14. UCLA Guard Xavier Su'a-Filo: 8.14 talent score, First Round

15. Arizona Running Back Ka’Deem Carey: 8.10 talent score, First Round

16. North Dakota State Guard Billy Turner: 8.06 talent score, First Round
**Billy Turner, on the other hand, is essentially a LOCK for a 1st round final evaluation.  Turner scored a late 1st talent score (60% of his overall grade) but then ripped off an 8.00 size score at the Senior Bowl as well as a perfect 9.00 in leadership and experience.  Coming from a successful program with many games of starting experience and a captain position secured the ONLY 9.0 I've granted in either category.  Turner would have to score less than a 4 out of 9 in athleticism to drop from the 1st round final evaluation target range.
17. Penn State Wide Receiver Allen Robinson: 8.03 talent score, First Round

18. Louisiana State Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry: 8.03 talent score, First Round

19. Texas Tech Tight End Jace Amaro: 8.02 talent score, First Round

20. Louisiana State Quarterback Zach Mettenberger: 7.99 talent score, Early Second Round

21. Fresno State Quarterback Derek Carr: 7.99 talent score, Early Second Round
**Things are looking promising for Derek Carr to end up as only the 2nd QB behind Bridgewater to register a 1st round final evaluation.  Carr's right on the cusp based on talent, 0.01 points away from a 1st round talent score.  He came up with only an average size score of 6.50 based off his Senior Bowl measurements.  However he's got outstanding leadership (8.03 score) and good production (7.88 score).  But even still, Carr is only going to be registering a 1st round evaluation overall on a technicality, in that I give Quarterbacks a +0.2 score bonus for playing a premium position.  Expect Carr to be in the low 8.0's after his position bonus, my 2nd overall QB in the draft.
22. Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel: 7.99 talent score, Early Second Round

23. Ohio State Running Back Carlos Hyde: 7.95 talent score, Early Second Round

24. Florida State Wide Receiver Kelvin Benjamin: 7.94 talent score, Early Second Round

25. Oregon State Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks: 7.88 talent score, Early Second Round

26. Oklahoma Wide Receiver Jalen Saunders: 7.88 talent score, Early Second Round

27. Baylor Guard Cyril Richardson: 7.88 talent score, Early Second Round

28. Wisconsin Wide Receiver Jared Abbrederis 7.85 talent score, Early Second Round
**Jared is another example of just how much you can deviate away from your talent score.  A 7.85 talent score is enough to merit 1st round consideration by itself...however Jared is coming up short in a number of different areas that will see him drop off significantly overall.  Jared only measured in at 6007 and 189 at the Senior Bowl...average size (6.50).  His experience and leadership were outstanding as well however (8.20), more than enough to compensate for the poor size showing.  However, when you look at his production, his career averages and particularly his 2012 production vs. top competition ended up dragging his overall production grade down into the low 5's (5.06).  Even if Jared scores a perfect 9.0 athleticism score, he'll BARELY register in the 2nd round.  In all likelihood, Abbrederis is going to be looking at a fringe 3rd round, potentially 4th round grade if he runs poorly at the Combine.
29. Florida State Running Back James Wilder Jr.: 7.82 talent score, Early Second Round

30. Stanford Guard David Yankey: 7.81 talent score, Early Second Round

31. Washington Tight End Austin Seferian-Jenkins: 7.79 talent score, Second Round

32. Ball State Quarterback Keith Wenning: 7.76 talent score, Second Round

33. Alabama State Running Back Isaiah Crowell: 7.76 talent score, Second Round

34. Michigan Left Tackle Taylor Lewan: 7.70 talent score, Second Round

35. Virginia Tackle Morgan Moses: 7.70 talent score, Second Round
**Morgan Moses has a nice luxury going for him in my evaluation scoring.  He physically cannot deviate off of his current grade in the 2nd round.  It's mathematically impossible for him to score outside the 7.50 - 7.80 range.  His size (a perfect 9.0 has solidified his standing and regardless of what he does or doesn't do next week at the Combine, his score range in the 2nd round will stand up.  He's the opposite of Abbrederis, who has a lot riding on his performance next week.
36. Central Florida Running Back Storm Johnson: 7.67 talent score, Second Round

37. Utah State Center Tyler Larsen: 7.65 talent score, Second Round

38. Notre Dame Tight End Troy Niklas: 7.63 talent score, Second Round

39. Oregon Wide Receiver Josh Huff: 7.60 talent score, Second Round

40. Wisconsin Tight End Jacob Pedersen: 7.55 talent score, Second Round

41. Florida Guard Jon Halapio:  7.54 talent score, Second Round

42. Wisconsin Running Back James White: 7.50 talent score, Second Round

43. Florida State Running Back Devonta Freeman: 7.50 talent score, Second Round

44. Michigan Wide Receiver Jeremy Gallon: 7.49 talent score, Third Round
**It should come as no surprise that Jeremy Gallon's diminutive stature (5.0 size score) takes a toll on his overall evaluation.  He's got some great tools to work with as a pass catcher.  He attacks the ball in the air, he high points footballs, he runs good routes.  But not even Gallon's HUGE games vs. top competition in both 2012 (6 rec, 81.7 yds and 0.67 TD/g) and 2013 (7.3 rec, 142 yds and 1.33 TD/g) could spare his lackluster overall career numbers, producing a 5.51 production score to pair with that low 5 in size.  The end result is Gallon will have to register a perfect 9.0 in athleticism next week to stay in the 3rd round.  Not going to happen.  If Gallon happens to run and test poorly and score below a 6, he'll not just find himself in Day 3, but all the way down in the 5th round.  For a guy coming in with a talent score 0.01 away from a Second Round grade, Gallon is a great illustration of the overall evaluation process and why not to overreact TOO much to these numbers.  A lot will change between now and my 2014 Draft Guide.  It already has for some, Gallon included.
45. North Carolina Left Tackle James Hurst: 7.49 talent score, Third Round

46. Alabama Tackle Cyrus Kouandjio: 7.49 talent score, Third Round

47. Iowa Tight End CJ Fiedorowicz: 7.49 talent score, Third Round

48. Washington Running Back Bishop Sankey: 7.48 talent score, Third Round
**Bishop Sankey is poised for a HUGE bump next weekend.  He's a great athlete and in projecting his athleticism and size scores to go along with the rest of his production and experience values, Sankey could catapult all the way up into the mid 7.7's.  This would take him from a 3rd round talent score to a early/mid 2nd round overall evaluation.  A reminder, this is not based on his 40 time, this is a culmination of athleticism, leadership, size and production.  Sankey has an impressive combination of all 4, which helps him bump up what is otherwise a mid day 2 talent evaluation.
49. Oregon RB/Offensive Weapon De'Anthony Thomas: 7.46 talent score, Third Round

50. Tennessee Tackle Ju'Waun James: 7.45 talent score, Third Round

Any questions, comments or feedback?  You can reach me on Twitter at @NFLDraftTracker.  Thanks for reading!  As a reminder, you can get all 300+ prospect evaluations and much, much more by pre-ordering the 2014 NDT Scouting NFL Draft Guide, available now at Order between now and March 1st and get 33% off the cover price and your guide will be sent to you at the end of April for just $10.  Thank you for your continued support, I hope you'll consider joining the NDT Scouting family and pre-order today!

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Why Johnny Football's Combine Matters: An In Depth Look at NDT Scouting's Grading Process

The All Star circuit has come and gone.  The East/West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl are officially in the books and scouts and draftniks everywhere are putting their nose back to the grindstone today with tons of new information to process and several weeks before the next hurdle in the 2014 Draft process arrives; the Combine.  And when the Combine comes, some will watch closely while others dismiss the whole event as a charade, a meat market in shorts.  Personally, I'll be watching closely...and I'm going to use one of the biggest names in the draft to explain why. 

If you haven't already, you can read my in depth film report on Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel here:  Long story short, I like Manziel.  I think he's a very talented Quarterback with the opportunity to be special if he can harness his talents without the reckless side effects.  However, I wouldn't personally take him in the Top 10 of the draft.  Where would I take him?  Well that will ultimately depend on (of course) the Combine.  Here's why:

My grading for Quarterbacks (as it is with all positions) is based on 5 components.  Talent (what you see on film), Leadership (game experience, whether or not he was a captain, ect.), Production (how the player produced on the field, how he performed vs. top competition), Size (Height, weight, other position specific variables), and Athleticism (based again on position specific measures).  Quarterbacks are graded on a distribution of weight on these 5 components as follows:

- Talent: 60% overall score
- Leadership: 15% overall score
- Production: 12% overall score
- Size: 8% overall score
- Athleticism: 5% overall score

And as a final reminder, my scoring is graded on a scale of 9.0:

Multiple Pro Bowl Player, Top 108.5 – 9.0
Highly Productive Starter, 1st Round8.0 – 8.4
Very Good Starter, Early 2nd Round7.8 – 7.9
Reliable Starter, 2nd Round7.5 – 7.7
Potential Starter in Year 2, 3rd Round7.0 – 7.4
Backup/Spot Starter, 4th Round6.5 – 6.9
Productive Backup, 5th Round6.0 – 6.4
Very Good Backup/STs, 6th Round5.5 – 5.9
Quality Backup/Good Sts, 7th Round5.0 – 5.4
Backup/STs/Project Player, 7th Round4.5 – 4.9
Priority Free Agent w/ Limitations4.0 – 4.4
Non-Draftable< 4.0      

So why am I so particularly interested in Johnny Manziel and specifically his time spent at the Combine?  Well, I couldn't care less if he throws the ball to receivers.  I need to see two things: his SIZE and his ATHLETICISM.  These 2 remaining components and final 13% of his overall grade can very much swing him back into a late 1st round player on my board or it can bury him into the Late 2nd, Early 3rd range.  

This is where I'll need to explain where I've scored Johnny to this point:

TALENT: As mentioned numerous times on this site as well as on RotoRants, I scored Johnny as a 7.99 talent score.  This is a fringe late 1st round, very early 2nd round value.  This score in itself is a great base to start with, however it is only 60% of his overall grade.  I am electing NOT to go in depth with this discussion because the RotoRants profile details exactly what I do/don't see in Manziel as a player on tape.

LEADERSHIP: Manziel's youth works against him in this area, as Manziel's 26 career starts and a lack of the title "Captain" are enough to draft down a solid 7.6 score awarded for his career .769 winning percentage.  Manziel scores a 6.70 overall in leadership...but this isn't exclusive to Manziel.  Plenty of other non-Senior QBs scored in the 7's and high 6's including: Blake Bortles (6.90) and Teddy Bridgewater (7.53).  It's the nature of the beast with how I value starts and leadership. 
PRODUCTION: The accolades and career marks set by Manziel during his Heisman season and 2013 (which in some cases was more impressive) speak for themselves.  And as a passer (not a runner) Manziel averages 2.4 touchdowns, 301 yards and 0.85 interceptions a game over 26 starts.  Those figures yield a very good score of 7.65 on his career averages.  HOWEVER, this is only half of production value, the other half is how he produced vs. top competition in each of the last 2 seasons.  In 2012, Manziel's top opponents were Florida, Louisiana State and Alabama.  Manziel averaged 0.67 TD, 234 YDs and 1.0 INT a game in these 3 contests as a passer.  These figures are poor and it's reflected with a 5.40 2012 top competition score.  2013 showed marked improvement against Alabama, Louisiana State and Missouri: 2.3 TD, 294 YDs and 1.33 INT a game, but such a high figure of interceptions still drags this figure down to a 6.30 2013 top competition score.  Average these two together for a 5.85 top competition score (this is the other half of the production score) and overall averaging the 7.65 with 5.85, and Manziel has a 6.75 production score.

 So this is where we stand now.  A 7.99 talent score (60% overall), a 6.70 leadership score (15% overall) and a 6.75 production score (12% overall).  The poor showings in both leadership and production drop Manziel's 7.99 (Early 2nd value) down to a 7.54 overall (late 2nd value) to date with 13% of his score yet to be assigned.  The problem with this for Manziel is no one really believes that Johnny is the 6'1, 209 pound player he's listed as on Texas A&M's roster.  It's players like this that need to show well at the combine.  Sometimes all it takes is a good measurement.  Johnny needs both size and athleticism scores to work in his favor if he's going to remain in the hunt for a Day 1 valuation on my board (and likely a lot of team boards as well).  

Let's say for argument's sake that Manziel comes in as advertised and measures at 6010 and 209 pounds.  This score would yield him a 6.5 size score based on the tiers I've assigned based on the prototypical Quarterback.  While this isn't a great score by any means, it's certainly better than the 5.5 he'll score if he comes in at less than 6'1 and any lighter than 205.  A 5.5 is about as low as he can score for size unless he also measures with notably small hands, in which case he'll receive another point deduction (much like Northern Illinois' Jordan Lynch experienced for measuring a hand size of 8.75").  But every point here counts because Manziel is a fringe 2 at the moment according to my scoring.  

But of course, size is only half the intrigue of non-Seniors at the Combine...there's the field tests.  Johnny needs to run (and run well) for TWO reasons: 1. a stellar athleticism score would help soften the blow of several mediocre scores in my evaluation, and 2. opting NOT to test will result in the remaining 5% weight to be evenly distributed across the 4 scores he does have (3 of which are poor).  

So let's go through 3 hypothetical scenarios: 1. Johnny measures and runs well.  2. Johnny measures poor and runs poor. 3. Johnny measures poor and doesn't run.  REMINDER: Johnny currently sits at a 7.54 (2nd) value through 87% of his total evaluation.


- Measure "well" as we've already discussed, is a bit of a misnomer.  Assuming Manziel comes in at 6'1 and anywhere between 205-215, he'll score a 6.5 in size.  Assuming he runs well in addition (based on tape...I expect his athleticism score to be closer to 9 than it is to 8), Manziel is looking at a final evaluation score of a 7.78 (Early 2nd cut off is 7.80) overall after positional bonuses (Quarterbacks receive a 2 tenth of a point bonus to reflect their positional importance and premium teams place on them in the draft)...this score is likely worthy of a Top 50 grade in this class.


- Assuming Johnny comes in short of 6'1, he's likely looking at an inevitable 5.5 size score.  This would be poor for him.  If he doesn't run particularly well (let's say for argument sake he scores a 7), Manziel is looking at a final evaluation score of 7.59 (2nd) overall after he receives his +.20 positional bonus.  This is still a fair score, but essentially would lock him into Day 2 guaranteed for me personally.


- Again assuming "poor" measurement is sub 6'1 and should Johnny opt not to test, he's looking at a 7.52 (2nd) overall evaluation score after positional bonuses.  Should he measure with small hands and receive that penalty, he could drop as low as a 7.43 (3rd) overall evaluation score after positional bonuses, which could be disastrous...especially for a player who scores so well on tape.

So you see, the Combine isn't just the underwear Olympics during the draft process.  There is a LOT to be gained or lost by a large number of prospects, amongst them Johnny Manziel.  He's staring down the barrel of a potential point swing of 0.35 points depending on how his February in Indianapolis goes...which is nearly a full round worth or value.  I hope that this gives you some clarity not just into WHY I'll be carefully watching the Combine, but also a glimpse into the depths of how I grade prospects.  

Should you have any questions, you can reach me via Google+ at: +Kyle Crabbs (NFLDraftTracker), gmail at: or on Twitter at: @NFLDraftTracker.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

East/West Shrine Scouting Journal: Day 6

The East's morning practice today is in the books and it was quite a practice indeed.  I spent the morning today up in the stands so that I could spend the afternoon down on the field getting up close and personal to the West team once again.  Naturally, being up in the stands allowed me a great opportunity to see a lot of the overall practice, which was done very well for the most part by Jerry Glanville.  The players were kept busy and there were a lot of 1 on 1s and team sessions.  Here are today's notes in their entirety, this time covering the East Squad.

- 9:30 AM EST
- Players already lined up at the 50 for a stretch period

- 9:40 AM EST
- Positional Groupings first
- LBs working the bags, DBs working backpedals, WRs working on release, DL working extension/punch from knees, OL working on stance release
- AJ Marshall (S, Wake Forest) is smoother than Ricardo Allen in COD
- Tre Boston looks smoother in opening hips/planting than Pierre Desir
- Andre Hal moving a lot better than Hakeem Smith
- Nevin Lawson much quicker in short areas than Ross Cockrell

- 9:45 AM EST
- Position Groupings still, but working new drills
- Will Clarke gets a lot of pop in his club snaking way through heavy bags
- Garoppolo's first throw of the day to a receiver is a little flat, underthrown
- QBs each throwing to different receiver...1 play, 3 routes, 3 passes
- Ja'Mes Logan drops an easy ball down field...hit him in the hands
- Mathews is really showing off his down field arm, gorgeous balls
- Lines come together for some 9-7
- Matt Hall of Belhaven ends up on ground with his jersey pulled over his head on 1st play
- Demonte McAllister looking really stout playing the middle against a DT
- WRs/DBs now coming together for 1 on 2s (DB and safety over top)
- Jemea Thomas loses his outside leverage, gives up out pattern.  Thomas had help inside over top
- Hurns blows past DB and the angle from the safety deep for a stumbling reception
- Back on OL/DL, Will Clarke sheds a single blocker and disrupts back in the backfield
- Tre Boston's outstanding week continues, takes a great angle over head to cut off ball
- Garoppolo drops a go pattern a few yards out of bounds
- Boston scrapes over top to bail out Pierre Desir, who was caught guessing on the double move
- Jordan Lynch makes a really nice come back pattern, drilled it in
- Back on inside run, Andrew Jackson powerfully plugs a hole, smashes blocker
- Allen Hurns is open deep again, can't connect
- Andrew Jackson looks much more lively than he did on Monday,
- Erik Lora w/ quick break beats Phillip Gaines
- Zach Kerr is getting off the snap very quickly today
- Nevin Lawson makes a nice PBU on a Hurns come back, poor route; awkward
- Will Clarke got turned really, really badly and run out of the play

- 10:05 AM EST
- 7 on 7 period
- Ja'Mes Logan with his second drop of the day, was a great throw
- OL/DL working 2 vs. 2 pass protection; Kyle Bryant overwhelmed, poor anchor
- Matt Hazel just made the play of the week, double move and a diving, sprawling reception deep
- Will Clarke flashing again with a powerful pull/dip/rip

- 10:15 AM EST
- Nevin Lawson with ANOTHER really nice PBU driving on a slant pattern
- Pierre Desir can't keep his feet, falls trying to press man vs. Logan
- Ethan Westbrooks physically belongs, really solid kid
- Logan can't haul in a fade pattern vs. Hal

- 10:25 AM EST
- Team period, Zach Kerr is 10 yards downfield to the sideline chasing down a dump off
- Phillip Gaines with back to back nice plays, first a squat in zone coverage for a PBU, then stride for stride going deep vs. Hurns
- Chargers and Redskins scouts here chatting behind me, Redskins scout watching the QBs, Chargers scout watching CBs
- Rajion Neal shows some very nice vision on a cut back run
- Kerry Wynn of Richmond comes free and has a heavy thump on a draw play
- Desir covering Hurns deep step for step, Garopollo puts a nice back shoulder throw in that Hurns can't adjust to
- Ladarius Perkins is still the most sudden back here, very elusive
- Jay Bromley comes off the right side unblocked...scary sight.  Big man
- Ross Cockrell forces Zach Bauman to put the ball on the ground running off tackle left
- Bubble to Hazel, great patience to set up blockers and very quick acceleration to get out into green

- 10:40 AM EST
- Redzone offense
- Tre Boston drives hard on a Gallon dig, ball is high but Boston meets ball for PBU
- Hurns goes high on a slant pattern that Mathews hammers into tight fit
- Zach Kerr again out in space sniffing out a screen pass

- 10:50 AM EST
- Special teams work

- 11:05 AM EST
- Practice wraps

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

East/West Shrine Scouting Journal: Day 5

With the reception my shared notes from the East Practice received yesterday, I thought this may be a good way to continue keeping you all in the loop of the daily proceedings here in St. Petersburg.  And due to the rain today, I only have one set of notes (West Notes) so it's an easy decision in contemplating what to share.  Here are my personal notes in their entirety from today's practice:

- 1/14/14 (West)

- 2:40 PM EST
- Tough keeping feet with the slick field today
- Special teams walk through start
- Quarterbacks working on throwing on the move, running in circle passing to one another
- Kickoff and Kickoff return main focus thus far

- 2:50 PM EST
- Offense and Defense separate, running look squads for own respective units

- 3:00 PM EST
- STILL running light contact walkthroughs

- 3:05 PM EST
- Stretches...
- Mauro is VERY thick in person.  Well put together, still think he's best fit for a 5 tech

- 3:15 PM EST
- Offense and Defense split off again
- Offensive Linemen working on drive blocking, hand punches and release w/ pads
- Graf is probably thickest OT here
- Charles Leno has very long, thin arms...not a lot of bulk
- Wentworth have a very narrow frame in the hips, looks like overweight tight end

- 3:20 PM EST
- WRs using overturned trash can to simulate defender and curling  around for a sit down in zone
- #18 (Quincy Enunwa) with a bad drop, would've hit him in the face
- #81 (Seantavius Jones) not doing a good job attacking the football
- Packers GM Ted Thompson staked out underneath the goal posts watching OL work
- Wenning getting some nice zip on his 15 yard intermediate
- #81 Jones awkward working around the can, slips and makes sliding catch
- Tim Flanders is incredibly thick in the lower half compared to the rest of the backs here

- 3:25 PM EST
- DBs working on angles from a zone coverage on deep fly patterns
- Bene Benwikere and Shaq Richardson both really long, high pointing football well
- #12 (Bennett Jackson) drops one breaking down towards sideline
- Offense is essentially walking through inside run
- #9 (Daniel Sorensen) can't hold onto the football either

- 3:35 PM EST
- One on ones, WRs vs. DBs
- Chandler Jones toasts #12 (Bennett Jackson) who is too stiff in coverage
- Wenning on the money deep down the left sideline to #2 (John Brown) over top of Shaq Richardson
- #81 (Jones) snaps off a dig against Benwikere
- Carrington Byndum doesn't bite on a stop and go from #6 (Bernard Reedy)
- Far side is running 9 on 7
- Rashaad Reynolds caught guessing on pattern
- Bennett Jackson beaten up again, this time by Seantavious Jones
- Shaq Richardson actually in better position to catch fly pattern than Chandler Jones, PBU
- John Brown does an excellent job setting up a fade pattern, leaves lot of room to sideline
- Seantavious Jones has been body catching all day, noticeable
- Price is low/inside on a dig, Rees follows w/ nice strike to Brown (#2)

- 3:45 PM EST
- Special teams AGAIN, linemen having a good time encouraging look team KR, C Gabe Ikard

- 3:55 PM EST
- QBs running passing patterns w/ no defense, Rees so far behind it's incomplete
- Wenning rips a rope 20 yards downfield
- Price overthrows a corner route by about 6 yards, Rees w/ another overthrow...Wenning only one not struggling with the wind gusts

- 4:05 PM EST
- Darby communicating well to other secondary players, time for OL/DL one on one pass rush
- Mauro power clubs Wentworth, who has no established base on play
- #97 (Beau Allen) can't hold his feet, ran into ground
- #79 (Dakota Dozier) gets a really nice fit and a good anchor
- #96 (Chidera Uzo-Diribe) with really nice hand swat, but #71 (Jeremiah Sirles) hangs in to run by
- Uzo-Diribe just had a KILLER swim move, audible reaction from scouts
- Cassius Marsh can't bull Kevin Graf like he wanted to
- Marsh w/ an inside fake and lift to come back and win vs. Graf around edge
- Burnette reaching over set vs. #95 (Evan Gill), next rep too high and playing over toes
- #70 (Justin Ellis) is trying to finesse too much, follows up with a reverse pancake on Ikard
- Ryan Groy leaves his feet behind him on first pass set, outstanding adjustment in 2nd rep
- Larry Webster is really awkward, light and unphysical

- 4:20 PM EST
- Team Time!  11-11
- Good head down run after burst by Brennan Clay
- #97 (Beau Allen) rooted out on inside run
- Josh Mauro beats block of TE Kane Friel to disrupt an inside run play
- #2 (Josh Brown) is all over the place...catches a come back pattern
- Alden Darby is directing traffic very well, calling out assignments, Shaq Richardson w/ nice PBU
- Cassius Marsh in for Mauro and has really nice stack, set of edge and shed for tackle
- Seantavious Jones takes ball to the gut
- Cassius Marsh adjusts into wide 9 with no edge blocker, comes clean and makes TFL on run off tackle to far side.
- Marsh now gets up field VERY quickly, powers through a pass block by Malena and would've sacked Keith Price.
- Price drills ball into Chandler Jones in a VERY tight window to finish off practice.

- 4:30 PM EST
- Practice complete

East/West Shrine Game Weigh-Ins and Measurement Results

QB Keith Price Washington 6004 196 9.5 31.5 DE Evan Gill Manitoba (CA) 6025 292 9.75 32.88
QB Tommy Rees Notre Dame 6013 214 9 31.38 DE Cassius Marsh UCLA 6040 254 9.38 32.25
QB Keith Wenning Ball State 6023 219 10 30.75 DE Josh Mauro Stanford 6054 276 9.38 32.38
QB Jordan Lynch Northern Illinois 6003 220 8.75 29 DE Chidera Uzo-Diribe Colorado 6022 252 9.13 32.13
QB Jeff Mathews Cornell 6033 225 10.38 31.75 DE Larry Webster Bloomsburg 6056 249 10.25 33.5
QB Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois 6022 225 9.13 30.63 DE Ethan Westbrooks West Texas A&M 6034 264 9.13 32.88
RB Brennan Clay Oklahoma 5105 196 8.88 30 DE Will Clarke West Virginia 6060 277 9.75 33.75
RB Timothy Flanders Sam Houston State 5083 212 8.38 30 DT Jason Bromley Syracuse 6032 307 9.25 33
RB Anthony LaCoste Air Force 5095 203 8.63 29.75 DT Kerry Wynn Richmond 6050 268 9 32.5
RB Ben Malena Texas A&M 5081 193 9 28.75 DT Bruce Gaston Jr. Purdue 6021 316 9 32.38
RB Zach Bauman Northern Arizona 5072 196 8.88 29.88 DT Zachariah Kerr Delaware 6015 334 9.88 33.38
RB Rajion Neal Tennessee 5111 211 9.13 30.75 DT Garrison Smith Georgia 6012 310 9.63 32.5
RB LaDarius Perkins Mississippi State 5074 189 9.75 31.5 DT Demonte McAllister Florida State 6021 297 9 32.63
WR Ja'mes Logan Mississippi 6015 187 8.75 31.25 DT Beau Allen Wisconsin 6024 333 10.13 32.13
WR Erik Lora Eastern Illinois 5104 200 9.5 29.88 DT Justin Ellis Louisiana Tech 6015 351 9.75 32.13
WR Patrick Laird Army 6024 222 9.25 31.38 DT Derrick Hopkins Virginia Tech 5115 321 9.63 32.13
WR Allen Hurns Miami 6012 193 9.38 32.75 LB Shaquil Barrett Colorado State 6014 260 9.25 32.25
WR Matt Hazel Coastal Carolina 6007 196 9.13 31.75 LB Max Bullough Michigan State 6027 265 9.38 30.75
WR John Brown Pitt State 5100 175 8.25 30.13 LB Nate Dreilin Pitt State 6030 236 9.5 31.25
WR Quincy Enunwa Nebraska 6016 227 9.63 32.75 LB Devon Kennard Southern Cal 6027 257 9.13 33.5
WR Chandler Jones San Jose State 5085 180 8.63 29.88 LB Prince Shembo Notre Dame 6013 254 10.63 32.88
WR Seantavius Jones Valdosta State 6031 209 9.75 34.13 LB Tyler Starr South Dakota 6042 249 9.63 33.25
WR Bernard Reedy Toledo 5075 174 9.13 30 LB Preston Brown Louisville 6012 262 10.38 32.5
WR Jeremy Gallon Michigan 5073 183 9 28.75 LB Glenn Carson Penn State 6026 244 9.5 31.88
TE Crockett Gilmore Colorado State 6055 253 10.25 33.88 LB Xavius Boyd Western Kentucky 6013 236 8.5 32.75
TE Alex Bayer Bowling Green 6042 258 9.63 32 LB Andrew Jackson Western Kentucky 6004 259 9.75 32.38
TE Ted Bolser Indiana 6054 257 9 32.38 LB Derrell Johnson East Carolina 6012 248 9.5 30.38
TE Kane Friel BYU 6041 263 9.88 33.38 LB DeDe Lattimore South Florida 5116 237 9.13 30.88
TE Jordan Najvar Baylor 6057 262 10 32 LB Johnny Millard Cal-Poly 6020 232 9.38 31
TE Blake Jackson Oklahoma State 6034 238 9.38 33.63 CB Dre Hal Vanderbilt 5103 190 8.13 31
OT Kyle Bryant Youngstown State 6052 308 10.75 34.5 CB Bene Benwikere San Jose State 5106 194 9.13 30.38
OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif McGill (CA) 6050 321 11 33 CB Carrington Byndom Texas 5112 180 8.63 29.88
OT Matt Feiler Bloomsburg 6057 330 9.13 32 CB Bennett Jackson Notre Dame 5117 187 9.75 32.38
OT Matt Hall Belhaven 6085 323 10.25 34.5 CB Rashaad Reynolds Oregon State 5096 191 9.25 32.13
OT Donald Hawkins Texas 6045 301 10 32.63 CB Shaquille Richardson Arizona 6001 194 10 32.13
OT Kevin Graf Southern Cal 6055 309 8.88 32.75 CB Marcus Williams North Dakota State 5106 195 9.38 31.63
OT Danny Kistler Jr. Montana 6065 318 10.13 34.25 CB Ricardo Allen Purdue 5091 187 8.25 30
OT Charles Leno Jr. Boise State 6036 302 10 34.75 CB Nevin Lawson Utah State 5095 188 8.75 31.5
OT Jeremiah Sirles Nebraska 6063 315 9 34.13 S Alden Darby Arizona State 5100 192 8.75 30.75
OG Antwan Lowery Rutgers 6032 355 8.5 32.88 S Daytawion Lowe Oklahoma State 5114 196 9.13 31.75
OG John Urschel Penn State 6030 317 10.5 32.63 S Stephen Obeng-Agyapong Penn State 5102 209 8.63 32.13
OG Chris Burnette Georgia 6025 306 10 32.13 S Sean Parker Washington 5095 193 9 30.88
OG Dakota Dozier Furman 6036 312 9.75 33.75 S Daniel Sorensen BYU 6013 208 8.63 31.13
OG Ryan Groy Wisconsin 6044 325 10.13 33 S Brock Vereen Minnesota 5113 199 8.13 30.75
OG Austin Wentworth Fresno State 6042 315 10.25 31.75 S Tre Boston North Carolina 5115 198 9.75 30.88
C Chris Elkins Youngstown State 6022 289 10 30.63 S A.J. Marshall Wake Forest 5106 197 8.5 30.13
C Zac Kerin Toledo 6044 308 9.5 32.13 S Hakeem Smith Louisville 6001 186 8.75 31.75
C James Stone Tennessee 6033 307 10 33.88 S Jemea Thomas Georgia Tech 5093 191 9.88 30.38
C Dillon Farrell New Mexico 6046 309 9.63 33.5 K Zach Hocker Arkansas 6000 194 8.5 30.13
C Gabe Ikard Oklahoma 6031 304 9.75 33 K Anthony Fera Texas 6012 218 9.13 31.5
C Khalil Wilkes Stanford 6014 292 9.38 32.5 P Richie Leone Houston 6034 207 8.38 31.13

P Steven Clark Auburn 6056 226 9 32.75